Akira Inoue (井上 晶 Inoue Akira) is a supporting character in both Rewrite and Rewrite Harvest festa!  She's a talented, bold, and persistent journalist in Kotarou Tennouji's school. She suspects Kotarou of being illegally admitted into Kazamatsuri Academy.


She is never given a sprite in Rewrite, but she is given one in Harvest Festa! Her eyes are amber, and her hair is brown and short, tied with two black ribbons. She normally wears her school attire with her camera hanging from her neck. When the Occult Club go swimming, she tags along and wears a two piece yellow bikini with red strings and two green stars on her right breast.


Inoue has a good and honest personality. She always approaches Kotarou with a smile and is always up for solving a good mystery. She seems to be very smart, as she catches on right away on the fact that Kotarou's admittance to the school wasn't quite legal. She's perceptive enough to notice that Kotarou had met with the 'School's Witch'. With the exception of Harvest Festa!, Inoue doesn't interact much with any of the other members of the Occult Club besides Kotarou and Akane. Her relationship with Akane is very sour since Akane is mysterious and Inoue is the kind of person who likes solving mysteries.





  • Her nickname is "Inoway."
  • She wasn't given a sprite in Rewrite, but she appears in the ending credits.
  • It is hinted that Inoue has been to the City of Stone and began recording information on it, however as her activities were about to be discovered, she swallowed her 'memory stick' in order to keep it secret.
  • She considers Kotarou to be her rival.
  • Her given name was never revealed in the visual novel nor the anime, but was mentioned in IgnisMemoria and confirmed by Key.



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