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The Bayern Knights are a highly trained group of superhumans led by Sougen Esaka.


In the past, the Bayern Knights were a fighting-force of Guardian that carried out the most dangerous of missions, they were comprised of several of the most strongest superhuman in the organization and were even spoken of as a legendary fighting force. It is not exactly mentioned when the group was established but it can be estimated that the members of the group fought along side each other for 40-50 years. In the Terra Route which is ten years prior to the current events of Rewrite the Bayern Knights is still together, in all of the other route the group has been disbanned.

Members of The Bayern Knights[]

  • Sougen Esaka: The leader of the Bayern Knights; a Cutter-type superhuman that he wielded a sword that was able to cut through anything.
  • Gen: A Polluter-type superhuman that wields axes that he could throw like boomerangs.
  • Sekime: A Hunter-type superhuman; had the ability to enlarge all manner of weaponry.
  • Moriguchi: Had the ability to shoot lasers out of his glasses.
  • Noe: Used a bandana to become muscular and swung a giant sword around.
  • Okagi: A former secret agent.
  • Tsurumi: A mysterious member who used a chainsaw to produce vicious traps.