• Kudryavka226

    Anyone here who's hyped by the animated PV? The coloring looks plain, but there's so much detail to the animation itself that I grew to love it after watching a few times. :3

    I should upload screenshots for the characters soon.

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  • Kudryavka226


    March 9, 2016 by Kudryavka226

    ...I'm seriously planning to have pages for all the albums, singles and song tracks in this wiki. Anyone who wants to create pages for any of the following tracks, feel free to do so. :>

    Here's a list of it, shown in the NavboxSoundtrack template below.

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  • Kudryavka226

    Rewrite Rough Sketches

    February 2, 2016 by Kudryavka226

    Link to the pics.

    This is just something I found in the Kazamatsuri forums. This is pretty interesting actually, and you can see the familiars here much easier (Miss Hinoue please why you make it so hard to figure out the appearances of your monsters). Anyone who can Japanese tho? I managed to figure that Kilimanjaro is based on an Anomalocaris, but the katakana is just the extent I could take from these and I might have even interpreted it wrong. ;u;

    Any help on these would be greatly appreciated!

    On a side note, I don't know if it would be fair to use these pics for the wiki. idek ^^;

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  • Kudryavka226


    I ended up creating, well, one, even thought the anime will only begin to air by a little bit over half a year haha. Although the anime navbox will have to wait. At least until an episode count is announced. :>

    If you think there's a template that needs to exist, feel free to tell me or create one yourself. I'm actually just copy-pasting existing codes and edit them somehow anyway; I don't know how to make one from scratch haha.

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  • Kudryavka226


    I ended up creating a navbox template, since I'm intending to create pages for each routes. I thought we might need pages for the routes since the synopsis part of the character pages can't tell fully what happened, not even the heroines' pages alone. And another reason: there's actually a page for the Boob Day route, so yeah.

    Here's a link to the template. Links are not very readable on the heading, so I think I need a little bit of help.

    I'm also planning to make a template for the anime episodes once it premiers. :>

    So yeah, I'll be back to create pages for these after watching an episode of Star Wars. XD

    Edit: If someone would like to create pages for the Harvest Festa! routes, that would be great. I haven't given them links yet sinc…

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  • KengoMiyazawa

    Missing Pages

    January 18, 2016 by KengoMiyazawa

    Okay, so there's pages for Krivoy Rog and Kilimanjaro but NOT a page for Chibimoth. Hell, there's not even a page for Fuego. Or for Yoshino's Wolf Gang. There's a LOT of pages that should be up but aren't. I'll try doing what I can but jesus, this is a mess.

    EDIT: Apparently there WAS a page for Chibimoth, but not with any sort of consistent naming sense. On the page I saw every kind of translation of his name ranging from "Chibi-Moth," "Chibi- Moth," "Chibi," "Chibi-Mosu," etc. I just stuck with good ol' "Chibimoth" since that's what people who read the novel with the English patch are going to see anyway. Still no pages for Fuego, Yoshino's Wolf Gang, or even Kazamatsuri Academy.

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  • KanataFutaki

    Is there no Terra Route page? If not, I can make it, but I'm sitting here scratching my head like, why isn't there a page for one of the most important, if not the most important route? Also, the Moon route is in the "moon" page which... seems to be about the location "moon" at first, instead of about the route per se. Thoughts on this last part? I really think that since Moon and Terra are basically the reason why Kotarou is able to prevent Salvation from happening, it should be a separate thing, but I wouldn't mind hearing other opinions about it!

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  • Kudryavka226

    Rewrite Seiyuu

    January 15, 2016 by Kudryavka226

    So I thought I might want to fill up the seiyuus of each characters in Rewrite, and while Wikipedia seems to hold a good list of VAs for the VN , they're hardly complete. So I thought I should compile screenshots of the cast credits in each EDs so the names can be interpreted. I'm no expert on Japanese language, and reading Japanese names in Kanji are practically guesswork afaik, but this online app has been helping me . XD

    Here's a compilation of cast credits in EDs, and I have Chihaya's ED here so far. :D

    Update: I've upload Terra's credits now, and here are the names of the characters listed above in Japanese:

    • 吉野 晴彦 (Yoshino Haruhiko)
    • 鳳 咲夜 (Ootori Sakuya)
    • 西九条 灯花 (Nishikujou Touka)
    • 江坂 宗源 (Esaka Sougen)
    • ミドウ (Midou)
    • ぎる (Giru)
    • ぱに (Pani)
    • 井上 (Inoue)
    • ルイス…

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  • ArdWar

    VN Image Dump Project

    March 7, 2015 by ArdWar

    Currently running VN Image Dump project. If you need some high quality CGs, backgrounds, sprites or any images in the visual novel that is currently unavailable, feel free to ask me. ArdWar (talk) 05:24, March 7, 2015 (UTC)

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  • ArdWar


    March 6, 2015 by ArdWar
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  • Muffledhair


    I got this game off my friend and played it for a while before it crashed. This is halfway through day 14 I think,, and after clicking and advancing the text twice, the game crashed like so,

    I'm not sure what the problem is so if anyone can help me then thank you.

    PS: I'm using Windows 8.1

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  • CC22

    Suggestion for New Logo...

    November 28, 2013 by CC22

    Good day again to all... This is CC22!

    I just want to suggest this logo for the Rewrite wiki.

    I want to know your opinion if you like it or not.

    If it does, can you suggest it to the admin?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • CC22

    Anime or No Anime?

    November 12, 2013 by CC22

    Hello to everyone! This is CC22...

    Do you think that Rewrite will have its own anime adaptation in the next 3-5 years?

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  • GIR556

    Making a Rewrite AMV

    August 21, 2013 by GIR556

    Well I just wanted to say Im trying to make an amv for Rewrite, thanks 7Heart, because you gave me the idea. The music I'm using is a song by Yanagi Nagi, Executioner no Koi. I'm not sure if I'll post it on Youtube or not, probably, but I haven't finished it yet, I'm about halfway. Wish me luck ^ ^

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  • Linkark

    Hi there everyone.

    Back when I created this wiki in 2012 I was quite excited to start my first wiki. I love Rewrite (and almost all Key Visual works) so the idea of creating one was great. With some difficulty I created some pages on this wiki.

    Sadly, sometimes you can't do what you want. Since I'm in college it is a little difficult to allocate time for this wiki, especially since I'm trying to learn animation with Blender and writing a book. It saddens me a little I can't continue with Rewrite wiki.

    Thanksfully, there are great people that joined this wiki and helped it by adding articles, images, and many other things.

    While I can't continue editing Rewrite wiki, rest assured, you can still contact me if you have any problem and I'll try to…

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  • Meowjinnychan


    August 1, 2013 by Meowjinnychan
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