You were born for a noble mission that no other human can possibly complete...have you forgotten? You are a future human, the last hope for humanity.

–Brenda speaking to Lucia

Brenda McFarden (ブレンダ Burenda) is the main antagonist of Lucia Route.


Brenda is described as being a woman wearing a white lab coat and sunglasses.


Brenda is cold, calculating, and very manipulative. She will go to extremes in order to get what she wants or prove she's right without caring about the feelings of anyone involved.


Ten years prior to the story of Rewrite, scientists experimented on children at an orphanage in order to turn at least one of them into a person that could live on Earth a thousand years in the future, since said future Earth is completely hostile to humans. Lucia was one of the children who were experimented on and the only survivor of said experiments. As a result, her body became able to produce a deadly poison.

Brenda first started experimenting on Lucia when Lucia was about three years old. As the other subjects died, she kept pushing Lucia to feel like she was the only hope for humanity in the future. Eventually, the project was found out and cancelled, and Brenda fled away.

Ten years later in Lucia's Route, Brenda appears before Lucia when she's at her lowest point and tells her that they could still go on with the project to put her in a stasis chamber for 1000 years. Touka Nishikujou tries to find Brenda, but alas, Brenda had made arrangements with the Vatican in order to flee. The deal was to amplify Lucia's poison, so that she could eliminate the Key, so they set Lucia loose in the city and order her to fill it with poison.


  • Brenda survived an assassination attempt in Budapest, the capital of Hungary.
  • Brenda is actually an accomplice, the actual leader of the project is named 'Bartholomew'.
  • In Harvest Festa, she dies as a result of being exposed to Lucia's poison which was transmitted to her 'accidently' by Kotarou.
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