Rewrite okaken blog

Rewrite: Okaken Blog Manga cover features Kagari (left) and Kotori Kanbe (right).

Rewrite Okaken Blog

Seemingly another cover of Okaken Blog

The first manga, Rewrite: Side-B was officially published in October 2010. Then at April 2011, its sequel, Side-R, came out. Both are ongoing. A light novel also came out, called Official Another Story Rewrite: Ha Yure Sasayaku Shōkei de

Main Character First AppearancesEdit

Kotarou Tennouji Manga Debut: Chapter 0

Kagari Manga Debut: Chapter 1 (veritably minor appearance)

Kotori Kanbe Manga Debut: Chapter 0

Chihaya Ohtori : Chapter 0

Akane Senri : Chapter 0

Shizuru Nakatsu : Chapter 0

Lucia Konohana : Chapter 0

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