Kotarou... do you have any idea how you'll change the fate of the world?

–Chihaya Ohtori

Chihaya CG
Chihaya's Route is one of the heroine routes in Rewrite, branching out from the common route. It focuses on Chihaya Ohtori, her relationship to Kotarou, and the nature of Sakuya's existence. The story begins after the night of November 13, as he begins to know about Gaia and her and Sakuya's involvement towards it.

The scenario was written by Yuuto Tonokawa, and the ending song used is Beyond the Darkness.



  • Tonokawa has intended Chihaya's route to contrast the heavy themes that most routes in Rewrite have, and has taken its inspiration from boys' manga like One Piece and Dragon Ball.

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