Closed Spaces are parallel dimensions found in the city of Kazamatsuri, not much is known about how they are created or why they even exist, but they are used by Gaia and Guardian for storage purposes. Mainly Gaia uses them as they contain hot spots. Their are only three closed spaces known in Rewrite.

Unnamed VillageEdit

A closed space that sits beneath the school where all the main characters of Rewrite attend, in the past it was a village where familiars where created with regularity and also the birthplace of Chihaya. The direct features of the village are not described but it was eventually destroyed by Guardian and had most of its occupants killed. Chihaya is the only known survivor of the massacre, due to her being saved by Sakuya who had just became her familiar. The currently space mimics the school perfectly but does not cause any damage to the school if something in the space itself is destroyed. It was recently used by Gaia in order to store their familiars and the place where the main protagonist meets Pani & Gil. The space itself is one of the seven legends of the school and is said to be accessable during a certain period of the day or night.

Unnamed SpaceEdit

As the Key emits salvation in the final phases of Shizuru's Route, Guardian gathers people to a closed space in which its area is not mentioned.

City of StoneEdit

The City of Stone is an almost perfect copy of Kazamatsuri with its only flaw being its limited resources. As explained by Suzaki, the stone city is the exact size of Kazamatsuri and expands as it expands, however, going beyond its borders could be very dangerous; as it is in another dimension. The city was intended to be used as a shelter for the people of Kazamatsuri in order to save a small faction of mankind from the Key's salvation.

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