You search for a connection spot in an object then establish a connection, once you've successfully contracted you'll share all of your five senses with it

–Akane telling Kotarou

Contracting is a common ability found in Rewrite.


Contracting is a skill used by special humans called summoners with natural or manmade objects called familiars. The ability to contract has existed for thousands of years, it begins with a person mentally finding a spot in an object (Familiars, shikigami, or doll) and putting some of their own life-force in it; the person (summoner) shares all of the object's senses and can gain special attributes from it.


Kotarou Tennouji (Summoner and Superhuman)

Kotori Kanbe (A special summoner called a Druid, can uses a large number of familiars by connecting herself to a hot spot)

Akane Senri (Not very good at controlling contracted familiars)

Chihaya Ohtori (Only has one familiar)

Tsukuno (Good at using familiars; a former superhuman)

Shimako (Extremely talented at using familiars)

Sakura Kashima (Holy Woman; probably the best summoner in Rewrite)

The Disciples (Servants of the Holy Woman)

Suzaki (Head of Martel)

Takasago (Uses familiars to murder)

Midou (Hot-headed Random Summoner)

Tenma (Leader of the Random Summoners)

Tenjin (Member of the Random Summoners)

Jasmine (Protector of Summoners and Superhumans by Kotarou in the Terra Route)

Iko (A member of the Disciples)

Contracting Objects/FamiliarsEdit

Sakuya Ohtori: A superhuman who turned into a familiar; he is Chihaya's familiar and Kotarou's predecessor.

Chibi-Mammoth: Kotori's familiar that she made from her dog, Pero.

Keisuke & Rikako: Kotori's familiar parents.

Pani & Gil: Feral familiars who assist Kotarou in Chihaya's and Shizuru's Routes; they were probably once human.

Earth Dragon: Possibly the oldest familiar in Rewrite, he is contracted with the Disciples, including: Tsukuno, Iko, and Sakura.

Fuego: Contracted with Midou.

Krivoy Rog: Contracted with Tenma.

Kilimanjaro: Contracted with Tenjin.

Tomoko: Shikigami that protected Kotarou.

Djinn: Crocodile-familiar that Jasmine, Midou, and Tenma controlled as children in the Terra Route.

Famililars with Special AttributesEdit

Kagari : She is the Earth's familiar and the first familiar to ever exist.

Sakuya Ohtori: The contract between he and Chihaya gives Chihaya half of his total strength and lets him use his bandages as a shield.

Fuego: Its contract with Midou lets him withstand super high temperatures.


  • Contracting involves a desire to change the world, if a person's desire is lacking they cannot make a good connection with a familiars.
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