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The Disciples are a group of summoners that serve the Holy Woman.


The disciples have existed since the first Holy Woman appeared. The Holy Woman using her god-given ability to heal defects in humans made people worship her and formed the disciples in order to protect her. Though like her, they were persecuted by people who called them heratics.


Akane's Route: The disciples are regularly seen in Martel's internal structure; the female members who are the main servants of the Holy Woman practice singing the Song of Destruction, regularly. When Kotarou spots the Key in the forest, some of them appear with familiars to help try to capture it. Afer the Key is captured, they act as a diversion for Kotarou but are fatally wounded by Takasago and his team's familiars. More of them appear when Kotarou and Shimako are surrounded by Guardian's hunters to protect them, though they fail to protect Key.

Sakura Kashima dies and Akane becomes the new Holy Woman, at the end of the route, they summon the Earth Dragon to fight against Kotarou but use up their life-force while controlling the dragon and they die.


  • Kotarou Tennouji (Becomes a disciple in Akane's Route)
  • Tsukuno (Akane's Secretary and a former Superhuman, she acts as a general for the Disciples)
  • Tsuruhashi (Disciple)
  • Iko (Disciple and Akane's former caretaker)
  • Kazuo & Sachie (Kotarou's parents who worked for Martel)


  1. Moon
  2. Grass
  3. Snow
  4. Wind