End of the world

End of the World is the second opening theme in Rewrite anime, during the Anime-Original Route, performed by Anri Kumaki. The CD single bears the catalog number KSLA-120. Both the composition and the lyrics came from Jun Maeda, and it is arranged by MANYO.

The opening animation is storyboarded by URA AC-Promenade, directed by Daisuke Eguchi, and solo animated by Tadashi Abiru.

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それでもいい 君といたら 

こんな気持ち いつから抱いた?





もういいか そんな事 

笑ってよ 終わるその日には

sukoshi zutsu hamon wa hanarete itta

itsu shika hitotsu mo kasanaranaku natta

sore demo ii kimi to itara

konna kimochi itsu kara idaita?

tada hitori no shounen no koimonogatari da

eien ni kimi o mamotte miseru

kono mune ni kizamikomu

itsu kara futarikiri ni natta n dakke?

mou ii ka sonna koto

waratte yo owaru sono hi ni wa

Little-by-little, the ripples drifted apart 

Before I even realized it, not a single one no longer overlapping each other 

Even so, as long as I am with you it's enough

Since when did I harbor such feelings?

This is the love story of one just alone boy

I'll make sure to protect you forever,

I'll engrave this vow right here into my heart 

Since when has it been just the two of us?

I guess such a trifle thing doesn't matter anymore 

Until the end day comes, just smile

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