Once you're dead, you'll get to watch me burn everyone and everything you care about to the ground!

–Midou to Kotarou.


Midou surronded by Fuego's flames.

Fire Creation is an ability possessed by the familiar Fuego. Its summoner, Midou, uses it regularly during Chihaya's Route.


Chihaya's Route (Common Route section) Edit

  • Midou uses this ability to fend off thugs that attack him in an alley.

Chihaya's Route Edit

  • Midou uses this ability to cremate Tenma's body after the latter uses up his life-force.
  • He appears in the school's gymnasium where he sets fire to the building and attacks Kotarou Tennouji and Chihaya Ohtori, only to be defeated. In the end, he burns himself alive.
  • At the end of Chihaya's Route, he loans Kotarou the power of his familiar. Its body fuses with Kotarou's aurora, creating a new ability.


  • Fuego's flames can burn up to 1200 degrees celsius.
  • These flames can harden into a shield made of silicone.