Don't misunderstand. I'm not doing this for you. You need to keep on walking as long as you possibly can. Keep me entertained as I watch you from Hell. Don't stop walking your path now. The path I couldn't walk. Don't stop until the ground falls out under your feet from despair! I'm only doing this so that one day I can see you faaaaaaall!! Hyahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

–Midou's words when he loans Kotarou his familiar, Fuego

Fuego's Aurora is an ability created through the fusion of Kotarou's aurora and Midou's familiar, Fuego.


When Sakuya morphs into his Final Familiar Form, Kotarou flies up to him and tries to stop him from destroying the planet, but his advances are halted by the familiar's giant tree branches. In his hour of desperation, Midou contacts Kotarou from 'Hell' and loans him his familiar, Fuego. Fuego's gelatinous form fuses with Kotarou's aurora, causing it to ignite into a multi-colored column of fire, allowing it to burn through the familiar's branches.

After Sakuya reverts back to his human form, he and Kotarou spar using Fuego's aurora and a sword made of flower petals.


Kotarou Tennouji


  • Kotarou only uses this ability in Chihaya's Route.
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