Give them hell for me. That's the way I roll! No one's here to see this, which makes it the perfect last gig for me! ...isn't that right, Kotarou? -Yoshino

Yeah... you're right. Thank you, Haruhiko... -Kotarou

Goodbye, my brother! See you in the next life! -Yoshino

(Kotarou's and Yoshino's last conversation in the Moon Route)

Kotarou's loner classmate, a self-styled "outlaw" (the English word). The other students keep their distance from him, but Kotarou finds his gag-like speech patterns hilarious. Yoshino can't stand Kotarou's flippant and manipulative behavior, wishing to settle the score by fighting.

Yoshino is a minor character in Rewrite, though throughout most of the story he plays a crutial part in the protagonist's development.


Yoshino is so bent on fighting Kotarou is because he harbors feelings for Kotori and wants to beat him infront of her. His feelings for Kotori are so strong, that in her route of Rewrite he becomes enrage by Kotarou's flippant attitude of throwing a goodbye party after she seemingly tranfers from their school. his rage extends to the point where he hit Kotarou and decide to ignor him until the end of the route. Despite being a self-proclaimed gangster Yoshino is very kind-hearted and has a sense of justice. As revealed by a man on the street Yoshino made the slums of the city a much safer place by getting rid of all the bad gangsters. When he and Kotarou fell into a hole with a ladder that could only be used once he decided not to abandon Kotarou. He seemingly cannot get angry at Shizuru and is afraid of Lucia.


Yoshino has grey hair which sways to the back with two then banes extending downward on each side of his face and blue eyes. He wears a school outfit, the jacket of which he keeps open exposing a black shirt beneath, black pants, and brown shoes.


Kotarou's Past: The first time that Yoshino actually meets Kotarou is when he has his wallet stolen by three bullies on the street. Kotarou asks the bullies to give Yoshino back his wallet but a fight soon spares; Kotarou easily dispatches the bullies and gives Yoshino back his wallet. Yoshino is deeply impressed by Kotarou's seemmingly gangster-like lifestyle and asks him questions on how he can become a gangster. He is enraged when Kotarou explains his normal life to him and runs off, but is still grateful to him. (Over the years, Yoshino grows up and befriends Kotarou and Kotori, while not realizing that Kotarou is the same person that helped him get his wallet back and inspired him to become a gangster). Around that time, Yoshino had established the Wolf Pack and became it's leader.



  • "Mama, peel this pear for me."
  • "... I can't believe you found a way to fight destiny before I did." (When Kotarou tells Yoshino about 'La+')
  • "So how do you propose we break out of this trap the 'God' called 'Fate' has set for us?" (Yoshino's question when he and Kotarou are trapped in a manhole).
  • "The hollow sound of the handless pianist on a summer night may be the sound of fallen angels born in my heart."


  • Yoshino has a cameo apperance on Terra when Kotarou saves him from some bullies.
  • In the Common Route it is revealed that Yoshino has a different attitude in his house.
  • In Moon, before dying, Yoshino and Kotarou call themselves by their first names for the first time.
  • When he was younger Yoshino was in the same classroom with Lucia.
  • Yoshino has an older brother who he states was a great gangster that got married and had a child with a woman, but that brother may actually be Kotarou from when he got his wallet back from three bullies.
  • Yoshino writes poetry and songs.



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