The Holy Women (聖女 seijo), also translated as Saint, are women who have inherited the memories of the past Holy Women, and also acquire powers to heal defects in other humans through a process called transcription.


Holy Women have existed for thousands of years, thought their direct beginning is not mentioned. It began with a girl who had awakened to the power of healing people, the people she healed chose to worship her as a type of savior. While some people praised her for her powers, others called her a fraud. Authorities persecuted her and her followers; burning them at the stake. She still tried to heal people as she was being burned, but a charred limb broke off from the person she healed and attacked people; making her despair in her final moments. The first girl's memories and powers began to travel to other girls who had some form of mental defects and turned their brain cells into familiars. Each one's memories passed on to the next girl as they died; over time the power itself began to carry a sort of madness with it.

List of Holy WomenEdit

  • First Girl: The first girl happily used her powers, but as people worshipped her, her and her followers were labled 'heretics' and were burned at the stake, though some escaped.
  • Second Girl: Was born from one of the first girl's followers who managed to escape the persecution, she had gained the girl's powers and bits and pieces of her memories, but feared them; and died alone while shaking.
  • Third Girl: Did not fear her powers and did the same thing as the first girl, however she met the same fate while wondering if she'd have a successor.
  • Fourth Girl: Was sold into prostitution and murdered by bandits, yet she felt happy sincce she didn't harm anyone with her powers.
  • Fifth Girl:  Was one of the bandits children, she killed all the bandits when she got older; the authorities saw her power as dangerous and ordered for her execution.
  • Sixth Girl: Aquired her powers, but did not know what to do with it. In an attempt to not do anyone any harm, she threw herself into the sea.
  • Seventh Girl: Awoke on land (Her storyline isn't reveal).
  • Unnamed Empress: The girl that used her power to become an empress; the rest of her storyline is not reveal.
  • Tyrant Girl: A girl that used her power to oppress people; her body was torn into eight pieces and burned.
  • Sakura Kashima: Current Holy Woman.
  • Akane Senri: Heroine; becomes the holy woman in her route after Sakura Kashima's death.
  • Shimako: While never directly shown to be one, she was already in the process of inheriting Akane Senri's memories towards the end of her route.


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