The reason that I chose to do this is because my children had no future

–Iko telling Kotarou as she dies

Iko Fuku (福 井子, Fuku Iko) is a supporting character of Rewrite's Terra Route. She is a caretaker at an orphanage called the Enishi House which takes care of children with disabilities.

Appearance Edit

Iko's appearance is not described at all in the visual novel. In the anime, she sports blue hair tied in a side ponytail, and green eyes. She wears an apple-green sweater over a white shirt, plus a yellow apron and acid-washed jeans.

Personality Edit

Iko is possibly one of the most kind hearted characters in Rewrite. When the orphanage lacked the income needed to run, she was one of the only few caretakers to stay and take care of the children through their hard time. As stated by Kotarou Tennouji, she is happy and laughing all the time. However, she carries cynicism that followers of Gaia would possess, believing that humanity is not bringing benefit to the environment and will eventually face extinction.

However, an incident in the orphanage that caused the death of a child caused her to break; she concluded that ending the lives of the children in the orphanage, who will remain to have disabilities for the rest of their lives, would be merciful. There she rather for the world to end.

Story Edit

Kotarou first meets Iko when Akane Senri, one of the orphans at the Enishi House, runs off and he retrieves her. He gets quite attached to Iko, to the point of coming back to visit her every once in a while.

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