A view of Kazamatsuri at a high angle

Kazamatsuri City (風祭市, Kazamatsuri-shi) is a fictional city in Japan, in which most of the events in Rewrite take place. The city is set in the middle of a japanese country surrounded by forests.

Description Edit

Kazamatsuri is largely a very modern-like city with very environmentally conscious inhabitants. As such, the entire place is covered in greenery, from the forests surrounding it to plants being added everywhere in its landscape. The gardening committee take their positions very seriously, to such an extent where Kotori is treated as a VIP only by virtue of being very knowledgeable on plants.


Kazamatsuri only exists in Rewrite, prior to its current settings, its geographical area was used by Gaia as a place to worship the Key. The city is mainly under Gaia's control, since it is full of hot spots and closed spaces, it is the ideal place for them to raise their familiars. The battles between Gaia and Guardian mainly take place in its forests which is said to be sacred to Gaia, and its yearly Harvest Festival is said to be a beacon for the Key to return to the city, due to the area being its place of birth.

A different view of (wrecked) Kazamatsuri at a decreased height

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