I wish that I could walk the same path as you

–Kazuo Tennouji

How could you turn your back on everything!?

–Sachie Tennouji

Kazuo Tennouji (天王寺 数夫 Tenouji Kazuo) and Sachie Tennouji (天王寺 幸枝 Tennouji Sachie) are supporting characters in Rewrite's Terra Route. They are the parents of Kotarou Tennouji.


They were neither shown nor described in the visual novel. In the anime, Kazuo has spiky dark brown hair and reddish-brown eyes. He wears a teal blazer over mint green shirt.

Sachie has short caramel brown hair and brown eyes. She wears yellow ochre V-necked shirt.


Kotarou Tennouji described Kazuo to be weak-hearted. He also thought that Sachie was bad at figuring out how to handle children.

Kazuo and Sachie are very devoted to Martel and its teachings on how to be eco-friendly with the environment while Kotarou is not. Though they love their son, they could never get along with him and rarely spoke to each other


Terra Route Edit

They frequently take Kotarou Tennouji to Martel's meetings against his will. When Kotarou made a rude remark at a Martel meeting they spoke even less.

Kotarou later spoke to them that he wanted to stop attending Martel's meetings, but Sachie strongly objected. Kazuo stated under his breath that he wished that he could walk the same path as him.

They are last seen when Kotarou attempted to escape Akane Senri from the City of Stone, where people from Martel will be locked away from the real world, presumably planned by Sakura Kashima. The people inside the city were pulling him away from the exit, but Kazuo, Sachie and Tsukuno pushed him towards so he could escape. Kotarou was able to escape, but his parents remained inside.

Etymology Edit

  • The names Kazuo and Sachie each have meanings in their names:
    • The name Kazuo means "number" (数) (kazu) and "man, husband" (夫) (o).
    • The name Sachie means "happiness, good luck" (幸) (sachi) and "branch" (枝) (e).
  • Their surname Tennouji means "heaven, sky" (天) (ten), "king, prince, monarch" (王) (no) and "temple" (寺) (uji).


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