"Where did I put my gun? That thing really needs to be kept safe: hunters have to be very cafeful these days."

"Silly, its right there on the table."

"Oooh, you're right, uhuhu. With this, I can protect my family."

–Keisuke's and Rikako's last conversation.

Keisuke Kanbe (神戸 圭介) and Rikako Kanbe (神戸 理香子) are supporting characters in Rewrite's Kotori Route. They are Kotori Kanbe's parent.


Keisuke has short dark brown hair. He wears a white sleeve shirt and long black pants.

Rikako has long auburn hair, partly tied in a ponytail at the top of her head. She wears a light purple dress and skirt with white sleeves that has a white cloth tied around her waist.


Keisuke was described to be a "cool and dandy guy." Rikako, meanwhile, tends to give off a regal aura, and used to be a tsundere. Both love each other deeply.

Keisuke and Rikako were the ideal parents for any child; they were good at listening to Kotori and very considerate of how she felt in situations. When Kotori said that she did not want to attend Martel's meetings, they listened to her (Though that may be because Kotori herself is smart for her own age).

After becoming familiars, they still acted as her parents and obeyed her every command.


Kotori's Past: The Kanbe family moved into Kazamatsuri as Kotarou's neighbor, they became well aquainted with Kazuo and Sachie (Kotarou's parents) and went out together; leaving Kotori with Kotarou. They were invited by Kazuo and Sachie to one of Martel's meetings, they enjoyed it very much but did not go back due to Kotori refusing to go there. The entire family went on a trip and got in an accident in which Keisuke and Rikako died but were revived  by Kotori as familiars.


Kotori's Route: When Kotori and Kotarou are pinned down by Guardian's soldiers, Keisuke and Rikako appear and knock the soldiers unconscious; using golf clubs. As they escape to an abandoned shed with Kotori, Kotarou, and Kagari the shed is surrounded by hound familiars and they willingly sacrifice themselves so that everyone else can escape.

Terra Route: After they are revived as familiars, Kotori introduces them to Kotarou who is outraged at Kotori for turning them into familiars, but can do nothing about it. When Guardian sends hunters into the forest to search for Kagari, Kotori orders them along with a mammoth familiars to attack one of its teams of hunters; wipping out all but one member. Near the end of the route, Kotarou decides to severe all ties with Kotori and shoots Keisuke and Rikako in the forehead (Three times each); they turn to dust and then die.


  • Shot Gun: Keisuke uses a shot gun in Kotori's Route in order to fight off hound-familiars while Kotori, Kotarou, and Kagari escaped.
  • Chainsaw: Rikako used a chain saw to fight off hound-familiars while Kotori, Kotarou, and Kagari escaped.


  • Speed and Strength: After becoming familiars, Keisuke and Rikako exilerated superhuman strength and speed by wielding weapons too heavy for normal humans to handle and nearly wiping out one of Guardians team of superhumans in the Terra Route.


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