I don't care whether I live or die, but if I'm going to live... I want something to come from it! What do I get out of this? Tell me, what's the point of this? This better mean something! I want you... to be the proof that I lived.

–Kotori, to Kotarou in the forest

Kotori's Route is one of the heroine routes branching out of the common route. It begins after the night of November 13, and focuses on the character of Kotori Kanbe, her relationship with her childhood friend Kotarou, and her struggles as a druid.

The scenario was written by Romeo Tanaka, and the ending song used is Beyond the Darkness.


Kotarou goes back to school again, but this time, none of his friends from the Occult Research Club can be contacted, and not even Kotori is found inside her house. At night, he occasionally look into his newfound power and test its capabilities. He once tried to enter the clubroom, only to find a note from Akane Senri, who told him to simply ignore what happened at the night of November 13 and continue living normally if he didn't want to risk his normal life.

Kotarou becomes increasingly depressed, that at one time, a classmate invited him to a lunch, only to reject it, much to Yoshino 's disdain.

He later calls to Kotori's home, and finally meets her again. After a small conversation, he then confess his feelings to her, a feeling that has lingered even after junior high school, when he was rejected by her once. Kotori still don't reciprocate, but she agrees to walk with him to school everyday.

The next day, the two talk together about their plans. Kotori then agrees to help him with his coverage on the Harvest Festival. Kotarou then agrees to not be involved in the occult anymore. Walking outside, he passes by at one of the members of the Newspaper Club, and hears about Inoue's transfer.

Because he hasn't made presence to the Terra Magazine, he contacts the editor, who doesn't seem that much concerned about his long absence.


  • The scene with Kotarou challenging Yoshino to a fight in the slums will only be available if he chose to be honest to Winter Fang during the common route.
  • This is the only route where Kotori outright appeared. However, she had a few lines in Chihaya route that is implied to be hers.

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