Krivoy Rog (クリボイログ Kuriboirogu) is an ancient familiar controlled by Tenma during Chihaya route.


Krivoy Rog is 's that takes the shape of a giant sea mollusk. It has two large eyes on each side of its head, its head is long and resembles the face of a spider, a large shell is on its back, it has several armored tentacles, and its entire body is covered with red and black metallic armor.


  • Tentacles: Krivoy Rog uses it armored tentacles to to fight.

Krivoy Rog


  • Invulnerability: Krivoy Rog's body is covered in a metallic armor that is stronger than iron and is almost impenetrable.
  • Speed and Power: The familiar is excessively strong; enough to crash through the school building's wall and it is fast for its size.
  • Flight: Krivoy Rog can fill its body with air by pumping out some sort of fluid and promptly hover in the air; it uses this elevated position to crush its opponents from above.


  • The only part of Krivoy Rog's body that is not armored is the skin under its tentacles.
  • As mentioned in the Terra Route, Krivoy Rog was supposedly made using a fossilized stone of an ancient sea creature that was alive millions of years ago.
  • Its name can be literally translated from Russian as Crooked Horn. It shares its name with a real Ukrainian city.
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