Leaf dragon anime

Leaf Dragon as portrayed in the anime.

The Leaf Dragon (葉竜, rīfu doragon) is a familiar created by Gaia.


The Leaf Dragon is a large familiar, its center pieces are white while its outer areas are green. It has has two wings covered in thick leafy scales, a long lizard-like tail, two stems grow out of its slim back, and its head resembles a venus-fly-bub plant. It usually keeps its body curled up.

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The Leaf Dragon

The Leaf Dragon is spotted by Kotarou Tennouji and the rest of the Occult Club as they attempt to leave the forest on November 13th, with the exception of Lucia Konohana's scenario. It fires ita proboscis tongue at Kotori Kanbe, but Kotarou shields her with his arm. However, its tongue manages to pierce Kotarou's arm and hit Kotori in her chest, knocking her down. Kotarou tries to remove its tongue, but to no avail. He tells Kotori, Lucia, Akane Senri, Shizuru Nakatsu, and Chihaya Ohtori to run away, but they don't move. The Leaf Dragon then begins to suck the flesh and blood out of Kotarou's body, making him fall to his knees. However, as Kotarou uses his aurora to clog his veins and prevent the it from sucking out more of his blood. The Leaf Dragon, in confusion, moves its head, causing Kotarou to be in inmense pain. Kotarou then releases his aurora claws, hurting the familiar enough for it to let go. Kotarou and the girls try to run away. Lucia and Shizuru fight the familiar with their blades, but they only get it to slow down.

Then, Kagari appears, and the Leaf Dragon falls apart, presumably cut by Kagari's ribbons.


Levitation:​  the Leaf Dragon, whose body structure is based on that of a Venus fly trap, can use an enzyme to produce gas within its body, allowing it to float. It uses vine-like tentacles to grab the trees in order to stabilize itself while doing this, and when it needs to descend or fold into a pack, it simply release the gas from its soft, flexible body.

Needle Strike: by using hydrodynamics, the gas inside the Leaf Dragon's body can be utilized to snipe a giant proboscis at its target as well. The proboscis has enough momentum to punch through a tree trunk, and will drain the blood of whatever prey once it gets hold of it. However, it can only try and feed from one target, and while it attempts to get to its prey, its body will be totally defenseless to other opponents.


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