The Life Draining Poison is an experimental poison created by scientists in Guardian in order to allow humanity to live in the hypotetically hostile environment of the future.              



Lucia's poison affects all biological organisms around her, draining their life.

Years prior to the events that take place in Rewrite, Guardian scientists performed illegal experiments on children in order to produce a child that could survive the harsh environment of the future. The leader of the experiment was a man named Bartholomew who performed the experiments in secret along with his associate, Brenda McFarden.

The fruit of it was Lucia Konohana, the only child who didn't die in the experiments.


  • Lucia Konohana: The first person to ever be able to use the poison.
  • Akari Konohana: Lucia's clone in Harvest Festa who may or may not have the ability to use the poison.
  • Kotarou Tennouji: Kotarou's body is able to withstand Lucia's poison and it just flows normally through his veins. In Harvest Festa, he accidentally kills Brenda by transmitting his poisoned blood to her.

Fatal victimsEdit

  • Francesca: An experimental subject.
  • Julius: An experimental subject.
  • Gabriel: An experimental subject.
  • Brenda: In Harvest Festa.
  • People of Kazamatsuri: In Lucia's Route in the original Rewrite, Brenda and her scientists alter Lucia's already potent enough poison so that she could cover all of the city and kill anyone in it.
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