Marcus Noe (マルキュス・ノエ Marukyusu Noe) is a former member of Guardian's Bayern Knight Faction.


Noe has spiky red hair, amber colored eyes, and wears a dress suit and a green bandana. His casual clothes consist of a white shirt and black pants.


Not much is known is known about Noe's personality, but in battle he is seen smiling.


Past Edit

He first appears with the rest of the Knights in the forest where they save Kotarou from being killed by a dinosaur-familiar.

Shizuru Route Edit

He attends Lucia's going away party but where he is seen dancing.


  • Bandana: He wears a green bandana.


  • He has the ability to make his body become muscular.

Gallery Edit


  • Since he is short, his ability probably derived from his desire to make himself stronger.
  • He appears to be the youngest member of the Knights.
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