To you they may just look like sparks falling from a fire...but someone, somewhere, will suffer from those sparks...!!!


Midou (ミドウ Midō) is an antagonist in Rewrite, particularly in Chihaya Route. He is among the Rogue Summoners.


Midou is a man apparently in his early twenties. He has spiky blond hair and red eyes. He is only seen wearing one outfit, which consists of a dark blue shirt, black pants, gloves, a brown choker, and a red hoodie that extends down to his legs.


Midou is cold, ruthless, seemingly deranged, and has a short temper. He loves to fight; well mostly wants to burn everyone and everything around him to the ground. Kotarou compaired his "killing instinct" to that of a carnivorous animal. Midou himself considers himself as not evil, but rather that he does whatever he wants in life, implicating that he is very impulsive and a realist.


Past Edit

Midou's history is revealed in Chihaya's Route and further explained in the Terra Route. He grew up in a war-ravaged country along with Tenjin and Jasmine; the three were being abused by members of Gaia in order to power one of their familiars. As shown in the Anime-Original Route, Jasmine was killed by Guardian soldiers.

Midou later made a contract with Fuego and became a summoner.

Common Route Edit

Midou is in an alley surrouded by thugs and they threaten to attack him, but all he does is smile. The thugs get mad and try to jump him; he easily dispatches them using his fighting skills and his familiar; Fuego (Though no one notices that). After which he walks out from the alley and sees Kotarou, he smiles at Kotarou's bewildered face and walks away.

Chihaya RouteEdit

Midou has a meeting in the forest with Tenma and Tenjin; they are all surrouded by hound-familiars. Midou asks about the leads, Tenma tells him that there were these things (Refering to Pani & Gil) in the target's residence (Kotarou and his house). Midou tells him that that is borig and a waste of time, Tenjin states that Midou just wanted to make the hound-familiars run rampant and kill people. Midou agrees and states the country they're in is too peaceful and that it irritates him. Tenma states that he sense a stray cat in the trees, Midou instantly knows that the cat is Kotarou and states that it annoys him that people in this country have no sense of danger. Kotarou questions whether or not the three of them are the murderers, but they do not seem to know what he's talking about. When he tells them that they are the murderers, Midou states that they live in a world where people live and die on a daily basis and asks him whats so weird about killing to stay alive; Kotarou is left unable to respond. Tenma asks Kotarou where the Key is, but learns that even Kotarou does not know. The three then leave, but Midou leaves a red and black hound-familiar to stay behind and tells Kotarou to not get turned into minced meat.

Midou runs to Tenma after his familiar; Krivoy Rog had been defeated by Sakuya and tells him that his familiar is sucking out his life-force in order to heal its wounds; Tenma laughs at that fact. Midou calls him an idiot for always being so reckless. Tenma summons a small bird that flies into Midou's hand, Midou agrees to take that last of Tenma's memories. Tenma notices that Midou is looking at the ground, Midou states he cannot bear to watch him now that he's all washed up. Tenma questions whether or not Midou actually feels pity for him, Midou tells him that it is simple instict and that people instinctively sympathize with things they've seen many times. The two then talk about their history together: about their bombardment in a city, how Midou got sick and Tenma gave him some medicine, and how he was saved by Tenma's familiar. Midou summons and familiar and after saying goodbye, he burns Tenma alive while laugh; nothing but charred earth is left. Midou complements on Kotarou's victory, but acknowledges that it is the strongest familiar that actually defeated Tenma; Kotarou does not respond. Midou asks if he is shocked about what he did to Tenma and tells him that he though cremation was legal in this country. Kotarou states that the two of them were friends which makes Midou laugh and acknowledge that but asks if it matters or not. He then tells Kotarou to be prepared because hei going to see things like this again; to watch his back in the city because he has a short temper. Midou then walks away while laughing.

In order to startle Kotarou, Midou sets fire to a random store and and runs into an alley, knowing that Kotarou and Chihaya are following him. Midou greets Kotarou and asks if he is too uninspired for festival fireworks, Kotarou asks what the hell is wrong with him in response. Midou asks him if he had become confident after killing Tenma. Kotarou states why he's doing this even though his boss (Tenma) is already dead, Midou states that he simple live the way that he wants to live and tells Kotarou that they are similar since he wants to keep peace while Midou wants destruction. He follows up by saying that Gaia and Guardian does not matter any more and that he'll destroy the world with his own hands, including Kotarou and this stupid town. Kotarou tells him that he's the one that's stupid and that if he wants to die then to just kill himself already and get it over with. Midou laughs and tells Kotarou that he should kill him then; he'll kill Kotarou and if he does not like it, then Kotarou needs to kill him first. Kotarou states that Midou is broken, but Midou states that he is simple logical and that it is the world that is broken. He tells Kotarou to always remember that he'll kill him, that he'll come looking for him, and if Kotarou runs away then he'll take innocent live in his place. Midou sets up a barrier of flames and vanishes in it.

Midou appears in the school gymnasium where he sets fire to the curtain which quickly sets the entire building ablaze. After Kotarou and Chihaya make sure everyone is out, Midou appears and tells Kotarou that he had prepared this battle field just for him so he should have more fun with it. Kotarou instructs Chihaya to get the remaining people still trapped in the gym out while he deals with Midou and states that he w

Midou surronded by Fuego's flames.

on't be satisfied until he's punched Midou in the face just once. Kotarou creates a sword made of aurora and faces Midou, Midou smiles while stating that Kotarou is exactly like him; just like him Kotarou fights for what he wants and nothing else, he fights to destroy all that are in his way. And asks how they are different. Kotarou asks Midou why he's doing all of this, Midou asks Kotarou if he could understand a kid whose parents were burned to death right infront of his eyes or if he could understand one who set himself on fire for the sheer 'Hell' of it. He states that he's seen tones of kids like that and also 'asshole' who've tried to abuse them after all that. He then says that Kotarou is no different because he can harden his heart to anything that happens to other people. Kotarou states that he cannot do that, Midou tells him that he could not either at first, but it only takes one moment because everyone is like that underneath. He takes a stance and tells Kotarou that no matter how righteous he tries to act he'll always he lurking behind that mask. He holds out his hand which causes fire to rise from the floor while stating that he fights to destroy everything that he doesn't like; including clueless, naive brats like Kotarou. He had gained more power to kill people himself and that he'll keep breaking everything in this world until he is killed himself, because that is his 'ideal'. He holds his familiar. Fuego in his hand while saying that he won't let Kotarou have the Key because the world should be destroyed and that he's going to burn Kotarou to a crisp as the first step.

Midou throws fireballs but Kotarou is able to dodge them easily, eventually a fireball destroys the basketball hoop behind him. While kotarou is wondering how long they have until the gym burns down Midou reminds him that if he does not want to be killed to kill him first, Kotarou tells him that he is not going to do what Midou wants, Midou decides to test him and launches more fireballs. Kotarou manages to get close to Midou and slices his familiar in half, but the two halves regenerate. Midou tells him that Fuego is a lava-familiar that can split like bacteria, so cutting him up is useless. Midou then causes one half of fuego to shrink then burst, spewing searing rock everywhere. Since he cannot dodge all of the shots, Kotarou closes his eyes and waits for death. He is awakened by Chihaya's voice as she had created a barrier with her bandages in order to protect him. When Chihaya states that she'll call Sakuya to deal with Midou, Midou tells him that it is impossible because he is fighting Tenjin and she cannot summon him since he is in the real world. Kotarou decides to attack Midou directly and asks Chihaya if there is some way that she can seal Midou's familiar, she tells him that she is not able to but if they were to heavily wound Midou then he will not have the protection of his familiar. Midou asks Kotarou if he is ready to try killing him, Kotarou states that he is not a murderer, but that he will kick Midou's ass. Midou becomes annoyed and asks why Kotarou won't kill him. He throws more fireballs, but Chihaya's anti-fire type bandages easily block them. Wrapped in Chihaya's bandages, Kotarou run towards Midou, but as Chihaya screams for him to move; flames rise from the floor and burn off all of the bandages. Midou tells them not to underestimate his familiar and that the moment those flames touch them they'll be burned to a crisp. Kotarou throws a javelin made of aurore but it is easily destroyed by Midou's flames. When chihaya attempts to cover Kotarou with more bandages, she is blown awat by Midou's flames. Midou tells her that he's only after Kotarou and tells her to watch from the sidelines. Kotarou manages to make it through the flames, due to Chihaya wrapping him in bandages that are still connected to her which makes them stronger. He swings at Midou but a glass-like barrier blocks his aurora. Midou tells him that Fuego can freely manipulate the chemicals in him, since lava is made of silicone he can harden it in the are and create a shield. Midou reaches through a hole in the shield, grabs Kotarou by the neck and tells him that its time to die.

Kotarou pries Midou's hand from around his neck and runs, he is unharmed by the flames due to Chihaya transferring her barrier to him. Kotarou worries if Midou will go directly after her and asks if she can create a normal and defensive barrier at the same time, but she tells him that she cannot. Midou sees that Kotarou still wants to fight and states that they really are the same. Kotarou asks how they are alike, Midou tells him that they both fight the way that they want, that they're both risking their lives for stupid, and states that Kotarou is just as broken as he is. Chihaya gets angry and states that he and Kotarou are nothing alike; Kotarou had not given up on life like he has and even though he worries and hesitates alot he never gives up. She herself would've given up a long time ago in his position, but he hasn't and for that she believes in him. Midou gets angry and causes flames to rise from beneath Chihaya, Kotarou saves her in time due to him using his Rewrite ability to increase his resistance to Midou's flames. He states that he really is different from Midou because he can change himself in order to protect people. Midou tells him that that is nonsense and that once he is dead he'll ge to watch him burn to the ground everything he holds dear. Kotarou asks Midou if he was a war orphan which leaves Midou speechless. Kotarou tells him that even in a country like the one that they're in now people aren't that naive to the things that happen in the outside world. He states that people with power and injuries that they should'nt have take their anger out on innocent bystanders, he himself could have been like that and he sympathizes with Midou but even so he feels the need to kick Midou's ass. He won't let Midou do as he pleases, he'll fight for the reason that he'd risk his life for, the reasons that Midou wouldn't fight for. Midou tells him that risking his life doesn't change anything and that lives are only good for being blown away. He asks Kotarou how many soldiers think about their families when they fight  and how many risk their lives when they fight. Most of them will rot on the battle; risking your life doesn't make you you stronger. He screams that that is the way it works. Kotarou tells Chihaya to put up a defensive barrier around his aurora and rewrites himself so that his skin can heal instantly. Midou tells Kotarou that his path has collided with his so one of them has to disappear. He readies fireballs while stating that he'll burn Kotarou's path to a crisp. Kotarou gets showered in Midou's flames but his skin instantly grows back due to his previous rewriting. Midou creates a silicone shield, utilizing his arm strength and the strength of Chihaya's barrier he shatters the shield, whacks Midou in the head with a club then slices his face. As Midou falls to the ground, Fuego disappears.

Midou tells Kotarou to kill him but Kotarou refuses; he asks why a clueless-brat like Kotarou is looking down on him, Kotarou reminds him that Chihaya is here with them. Midou says that he hates the fact that Kotarou has something that he doesn't have (Midou wanted power so that he could obtain anything that he wanted). Chihaya states that he envied Kotarou. Midou seemingly sheds a tear but it vaporizes almost instantly; he tells Kotarou that he won fair and square and to continue down his own path while his path ends here. Kotarou tells Midou that he and Chihaya will turn him into Gaia and if he ever tries to come after him again; he'll beat him as many times as it takes. Midou laughs and says that Kotarou can only have a life-and-death battle once, because he's in a world where thats normal. Kotarou will walk the path that he couldn't walk and Midou will watch it all from hell. As Kotarou ponders what Midou said about 'walking the path that he couldn't walk' he asks Midou if he really cannot start over from scratch. Midou tells Kotarou not to mock him, that his path is a straight line and that the only option is to walk farther along it. Someday he'll realize that its easier to let himself kill people, someday he'll be in a situation where he has no choice. And he asks Kotarou if he'll be able to continue walking that path. No matter how much Kotarou fights he'll eventually become Midou, because he had just killed him. (Before Kotarou and Chihaya can react to his last words; Midou burns himself alive while laughing).

Touka corners Kotarou on the streets with the intent to kill him, Midou contacts Kotarou from 'Hell' and tells him that all he needs to do is kill her first since that is the world that Kotarou is in now. He tells him that he'll die if he just stands there and that since Kotarou had already killed him (He actually didn't) him killing Touka won't change a thing. He finishes by a stating that Kotarou knows what he has to do to survive.

When Touka and Shizuru overwhelm Kotarou, Chihaya, and Sakuya in a church and Kotarou falls into despair and begins to here Midou's voice again. Midou tells him to just kill everyone in the room and that everything he wants to protect will be destroyed if he doesn't. Kotarou says that that is not true but still, he needs 'power'. Midou tells him that the power that he wants is the power to destroy Touka and Shizuru and that is what it takes to protect Chihaya. He tells Kotarou to become like him because he knows he has the power too and that is the best option he has right now. (Midou's words cause Kotarou to enter a special Rewrite ability called Idea Overdrive and he goes on a rampage). Kotarou is conscious of his actions while in this form but he cannot control his body, when he questions as to why he is currently fighting Sakuya, Midou speaks to him again. He tells Kotarou that that is the way that power is sometimes and reminds him that he's seen how other people handled their power. Kotarou asks why he is being lectured, Midou tells him that this is what his 'desires' got him and that when you try to crush something by force another problem is sure to spring up somewhere else. And that to Kotarou, they may just look like sparks frying but someone else will definately suffer because of those sparks. Kotarou thinks to himself (Midou can hear his thoughts) that he never actually wanted to fight Touka or Shizuru and that he didn't want to fight Midou, but he had no choice. Midou laughs and remids Kotarou that it would be easier to do what he does and do what he wants. The more he fights for his little wish, the bigger the piles of corpses he'll leave behind. When Kotarou states that their must be a way to fulfil his wishes without killing anyone, Midou bids for kotarou to show him how. He tells Kotarou that he'll never manage it with the body he has now, Kotarou tells him to shut up. (Chihaya gives Sakuya back all of of his strength and his is able to knock Kotarou back to his senses; showing him his memories as a superhuman and when he became a familiar). After seeing Sakuya's memories. Kotarou states that he will not be able to follow Midou's path in life. Midou is slightly angered by Kotarou's words, he tells him that he'd better not get himself killed and to keep on suffering for the rest of his life.

Near the end of Chihaya's Route, Kotarou is unable to cut through the branches of Sakuya in his final familiar form. Midou summons his familiar, Fuego to Kotarou in order to help him but states that he is not doing it for Kotarou. He tells him that he has to keep walking his path to the very end which is the path that he himself could not walk. To keep him entertained as he watches him from 'Hell' and to not stop until the ground fall out under him from despair. He's only helping Kotarou for the day that he can see Kotarou FALL! With a hysterical laugh he disappears while Fuego ignites Kotarou's aurora.

Terra Route Edit

Midou is used along with Tenjin, Jasmine, and several other children in order to control a familiar called a Djinn used to guard a facility. Luis breaks open the door to the room where they are hiding and fires while not knowing that he was shooting at children. Several children were killed and two more were injured, as their wounded commander enters the room, he shoots and kills the two injured children (Jasmine, Midou, and Tenjin hid themselves before he entered). After the commander leaves, Kotarou and Luis decide to save the children and flee the facility. They get word that several 'scorched earth missiles' are going to be launched in order to destroy the facility, Luis stays behind to shoot down the missiles; he manages to save everyone but loses his life in the process. Midou and Tenjin are put into the care of Jasmine, while receiving money from Kotarou that he earns from working with Guardian, they create a home that takes in superhumans and summoners.

At the end of the route, he is seen gazing up at the sky along with Jasmine, Tenjin, and Tenma.


  • Fuego: His familiar, fuego is a fire/magma familiar the power to create and manipulate fire and the ability to regenarate.
  • Hounds: A pack of dog-familiars that the rogue summoners use to kill people.


All of Midou's powers are created through his contract with his familiar, Fuego.

  • Fire Creating: While holding Fuego, Midou can manipulate the fire Fuego produces.
  • Silicone Shield: Midou hardens Fuego's flames in order to create a hard glass-like shield made of silicone.


  • Kill me or be killed, prepare yourself for one or the other.
  • No matter how rightouse you try to act, I'll always be lurking under that mask!
  • I'll make you burn!


  • Fuego is the smallest familiar in Rewrite.
  • After completing Ohtori's route, "Thank you, Midou" can be found in your memory.
  • It is believed that Midou is one of the two children that Kotarou saved along with Jasmine in the Terra Route, as he is seen alive at the end of the route with three other people believed to be Tenma, Tenjin, and Jasmine.
  • Though Midou refers to Kotarou as an annoying brat, Kotarou is at least 5-7 years older than he is.

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