Esaka chose you personally, you must be really amazing, Tennouji!

–Mikuni telling Kotarou

Mikuni (三国) is a minor character in Rewrite. He is only mentioned in the Terra Route, particularly from Kotarou's past.


Mikuni does not have a sprite in the game and not much is mentioned about his appearance.


Mikuni is described by Kotarou Tennouji as being a nice guy, even though he brags quite a lot due to being first in the entire Guardian recruit ranking. He is of good cheer, but a little overconfident, even if he has reason to be.


Terra Route Edit

Mikuni is brought to Guardian's training camp along with another 41 new recruits, which includes Kotarou. While Mikuni made the top of the ranks of the recruits, Kotarou made the very bottom. Mikuni only spoke to Kotarou once during the route, the subject being Sougen Esaka. During his training, Mikuni was spotless. He and his team even beat their own instructors in one of their tests.

Later, Mikuni and team were ordered to enter the forest of Kazamatsuri, while Kotarou's team stood on standby. However, Kotarou's two team members, Arata Imamiya and Touka Nishikujou leave and enter the forest, leaving him to run in after them. Mikuni's team is wipped out by the Earth Dragon leaving him to fight it alone. The Earth Dragon kills Mikuni by hitting him with his own boomerang, which splatters his body everywhere.


  • Boomerang: Mikuni uses a boomerang as his weapon, he is very skilled at using it. He uses air currents to direct its path, making it seem like its homing in on its enemy.
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