Bon Voyage, humanity.

–Kagari, at the end of the Moon Route

Moon Kagari is one of the heroines in Rewrite and acts as an administrator for all the routes in the series. She is the incarnation of the Moon.



Kagari researching

Although she is not human, she resembles a young girl. Her hair is pale, white and short, and has violet eyes, though described by Kotarou as black. She wears a black dress with white ruffles, with a ribbon tied around both her arms. She bears resemblance to Earth's Kagari.


She is very distant from humans; being the only living thing on the moon. She is also very intelligent to the point where she speaks in a language that is too advanced for humans to understand. (The mere sound of her voice would knock a human out). In the Moon Route she is very hostile to Kotarou at first, when he makes perverted remarks to her she kills him by strangling him, slicing off his head with her ribbons, and once even by setting him on fire. Kagari warms up to Kotarou as he wears her down after being too nice to her, their relationship develops immensely but gradually throughout the story. The two dance on the moon at some point in the route, Kagari can be seen blushing as a result. After sending the omnipotent power to the Earth it is hinted that the Moon Kagari resented and held a grudge against the Earth Kagari for being on the earth which is full of life while the moon is just a cold rock devoid of life.


  • Miracle Ribbons : On her wrists are red ribbons with long strands. The ribbons are able to deflect any attack used against her and are powerful enough to knock a person unconscious. The ribbons automatically grow to protect Kagari but she can attack a person at will if she wants. When there is a serious threat that may conflict harm onto Kagari, the number of ribbons multiplies to decrease the chance of her getting hurt.


  • Magma Flames: The Moon Kagari seemingly killed Kotarou once by setting him on fire.
  • Theory of Life: She can understand the Theory, and create simulations of the Earth through it.


  • The Moon Kagari sort of plays the role of 'God' in Rewrite, as she can create parallel worlds using her Theorem.
  • She may have journeyed to the Earth in several of the heroine's routes
  • Since the Moon split from the Earth, it means that the Moon Kagari is technically the younger sister.
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