Go, begin your million-year journey... arrive at humanity once more.

–Moon Kagari

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The Moon Route is the penultimate route of the visual novel Rewrite, which unlocks after the five heroine routes are finished. Moon gives focus on the mysterious Moon Kagari, her relationship with Kotarou, the nature of Aurora, and the Theory of Life.

Finishing this route would unlock the final route of the game, Terra Route.

The scenario was written by Romeo Tanaka, with some assistance from Yuuto Tonokawa, particularly in the battle portion of the route. The opening and ending theme used are Rewrite and Song of Passage, respectively. The anime adaptation used Journey as the opening theme.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Moonlit Stroll. Kotarou...

The Girl Kagari. Kotarou tries to approach Kagari, but only end up with her killing him off.


Fragment of Causality. -

Three Cups of Coffee. Kotarou shares coffee with Kagari.

Miracle Adventure. Wanting to be able to understand the Theorem Kagari's working on, Kotarou rewrote his mind several times to ascend his knowledge.

The Miracle of Aurora. 

The Beasts Whisper. A familiar suddenly appears.

Ritual. Kotarou gained access to one of the branches of the Theorem and saw memories identical to his.

Nectar Moon in a Silent Sea. Kagari became more exhausted the more she worked on the Theorem, so Kotarou offered her to go with him to take a short break and dance.

Danger. Familiars began to charge towards Kagari.

Kagari's Injury. A familiar has hurt Kagari, and so Kotarou calls out his old friends.

The Occult Club. Kotarou and his old friends, comprising of the Occult Club, team up to protect the researching Kagari.

Interlude. The Occult Club plays along with a part of the Theorem to view how the world can change with some tweaking.

The Invasion. Kagari has burned out, and at the point of almost giving up. Kotarou wrote a small message in the Theorem, which lead to a discovery - Kagari found a possibility. But Kashima Sakura begins her attack. And so the Occult Club protects Kagari until she finishes applying the Theorem.

Reinforcements. Much of the Occult Club is gone, and only Kotarou, Shizuru and Chihaya are left. Just when they thought everything was going to end, Sakuya appears. So they go back to the daisy hill to protect Kagari with only four of them.

Destruction. Only Kotarou and Sakuya are left to defend Kagari. And so Sakuya sacrificed his existence in the universe to do what he must. And only Kotarou is left, who then chose to go all out against the continual charging of familiars. 

The Truth No One Knows. Kagari successfully finished the theory, lifting all the things in the Garden towards Earth. So she shares her sentiments to Kotarou. Kotarou finds out the truth, and so Kagari sends her off.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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