Kotarou and his school friends

Members of the Occult Research Society

The Occult Research Club (オカルト研究会, Okaruto Kenkyuukai), stylized as OKA☆KEN, is an school club in Kazamatsuri Academy presided by Akane Senri. The club, if not merely keeping themselves comfortable inside the clubroom, mainly seeks explanation on supernatural events that they find out through leads, and publishes these explanations through an online blog.

The main storyline of Rewrite focuses on the events involving the members of the club, particularly Kotarou Tennouji.


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The Occult Club normally research on the supernatural. They get leads either from asking people around, overhearing stories, or from the story pitches they get from their email. Then they pick stories that would make an interesting research out of, and look into it. Sometimes, the club would make a writeup out of their findings and post it on the blog.


The Occult Club, also known as the Occult Research Society, is a secret room where in the school that the characters of Rewrite attend and where many events take place.

Past: The club was established before the events of Rewrite, but its members were never named. Despite this, relics of their activity in the club like their shikigami can still be found there.

Present: The club is currently run by Akane Senri, but since she does not make an effort to attract members or do any activities, it can be said that Kotarou actually runs the club while Akane acts as a sponsor. After Kotarou joins the club he starts to gather new members and to try to investigate all sorts of mysterious activity.


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