Orbita is the fifth track of the arrange album Branch, based on Maiko Iuchi's Potted One from Rewrite Original Soundtrack. It is arranged by MANYO and performed by Annabel, with lyrics written by Ayaha and MANYO.

Full credits Edit

  • Composer: Iuchi Maiko | 井内 舞子
  • Arranger: MANYO (Little Wing)
  • Lyrics: MANYO (Little Wing)
  • English Lyrics: Ayaha
  • Vocal & Chorus: Annabel
  • A.Guitar, 12-string Guitar & E.Guitar: Watanabe "nabeken" Kenichi | 渡邉 賢一
  • E.Bass: Ishii Yasuyuki | 石井 康幸
  • Additional Track: Nagao Yoshihisa | 永尾 ヨシヒサ
  • Recording: Arca Studio
  • Mixing: Watanabe Yoshiyuki (VICTOR STUDIO)

Lyrics Edit

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