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Idiot, you can't be cool if you're walking around crying like that.

–Gil to Kotarou

We can't do much, but we can stay with you at least

–Pani to Kotarou at the end of Shizuru's Route

Pani (ぱに, Pani) and Gil (ぎる, Giru) are minor characters in Rewrite, playing supporting roles in Shizuru and Chihaya Route. The two are familiars who have wills of their own and are not controlled by any summoner.


Pani has pink hair rolled into two curls on each side of her head, a flower shaped clip on the top of her head, her eyes are green, and has lighter skin tone. She wears tiny white bloomers along with white stockings, her chest area is covered by a red cape with a white mane. She has a big white flower on her back.

Gil has short black hair, tied at the back by a green ribbon, red eyes, fangs and dark skin. His chest area is covered by prickly leaves while his lower region is covered in yellow fur. There are brown wrist bands on his arms, his feet resemble bear feet, and his wings are green leaves that spread like butterfly wings.



She is very polite and very cheerful, she cares a lot for her counterpart, Gil, but scolds him when he does indecent or foolish things. She instantly befriends Kotarou upon meeting him and possibly has romantic feelings for him.


He is loud and obnoxious, but a very sincere and caring person. Gil looks up to Pani like an older sister and is very loyal to Kotarou; always asking if he was useful. He also has affection for Chihaya, going as far as to sneak into her room, though he pays for this by nearly being crushed by her strength while she slept.


Common Route[]

Kotarou enters the closed space beneath the school and is spotted by Gil. Gil attempts to suck out Kotarou's blood but fails to go so as Kotarou overpowers him and pins him down. Pani appears and greets Kotarou happily, scolding Gil for attempting to suck Kotarou's blood forcibly. Kotarou decides to be the nice guy and allows Gil to taste some of his blood, after which they become his familiars.

Chihaya Route[]

Shizuru Route[]

Anime-Original Route[]








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  • Gil seems to have a large crush on Chihaya, which everyone is aware of, including Chihaya herself.
  • The two have only appeared in routes written by Yuuto Tonokawa.
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