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I'll do it all over. And I'll do it better next time.

–tagline from the official website

Rewrite 2nd Season is the sequel to Rewrite TV Anime series. The season adapted the Moon Route and Terra Route of the visual novel. The staff from the previous season returned, but with the addition of Hiromi Nakagawa as chief animation director.

It aired on Winter 2017, with 11 episodes.

Episode List Edit

# Title Airdate
Moon Arc
14 "Three Cups of Coffee"

"Sanbai no Kōhī" (三杯のコーヒー)

January 14, 2017
15 "Honeymoon Over a Silent Ocean"

"Shizukana Umi no Mitsu no Tsuki" (静かな海の蜜の月 )

January 21, 2017
16 "The Truth No One Knows"

"Dare mo Shiranai Shinjitsu" (誰も知らない真実)

January 28, 2017
Terra Arc
17 "Earth-Saving Hunter"

"Chikyuu Kyuusai Hantā" (地球救済ハンター)

February 4, 2017
18 "Superhuman Qualities"

"Choujin no Shishitsu" (超人の資質)

February 11, 2017
19 "The Forest of Tragedy"

"Sangeki no Mori" (惨劇の森)

February 18, 2017
20 "Moving On From a Standstill"

"Teitai no Sono Saki e" (停滞のその先へ)

February 25, 2017
21 "Reunion"

"Saikai" (再会)

March 4, 2017
22 "Battle Behind the Scenes"

"Antou" (暗闘)

March 11, 2017
23 "Follower of the Lodestar"

"Kagaribi wo Ou Mono" (篝火を追うもの)

March 18, 2017
24 "A Promise Fulfilled with You"

"Kimi to Kanaeta Yakusoku" (君と叶えた約束)

March 25, 2017

Music Edit

Moon Arc used Journey, the original visual novel's title screen music, as the opening theme. Each of the three episodes have its own ending theme, namely Daisy Memory, a seed leaf, and Song of Passage, respectively. Innocence Eye and Rewrite are used as insert songs for Episode 15 and 16, respectively. The opening theme of Terra Arc is Last Desire, while the ending theme is Instincts. CANOE was used as the ending theme for the final episode.

The series, like the previous season, mainly used tracks from Rewrite Original Soundtrack as background music. It also has used tracks from Feast, Branch, Dye Mixture and Crann mor. The series also introduced anime-original tracks and arrangements.

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