Rewrite Harvest festa! (リライト ハーヴェストフェスタ!, Riraito Hāvesuto Fesuta!) is the fan disc of the visual novel Rewrite, first released on July 27, 2012. The fan disc contains stories featuring each of the six heroines of the original game in their respective routes. Romeo Tanaka, Yuuto Tonokawa and Ryukishi07 returned as scenario writers.

The opening theme used is Harvest by Aoi Tada, while the ending theme is Modest Beginning by Runa Mizutani.

Gameplay Edit

The fan disc initially have three routes available, namely Kotori, Chihaya, and Lucia. Shizuru and Akane routes are available after finishing the three routes. Completion of the five routes unlock Kagari route, while Rewrite Quest, a dungeon is unlocked after finishing Kagari route.

Timeline Edit

Kotori and Chihaya routes exists as continuations to their respective routes, while Shizuru route follows after the gag route Oppai. Akane and Kagari routes exist in different timelines. The story in Lucia route continues from the middle of her route in the visual novel, diverging from the original storyline.

Trivia Edit

Rewrite Scenarios
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Harvest Festa!: KotoriChihayaAkaneShizuruLuciaKagariRewrite Quest
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