Rewrite IgnisMemoria (katakana: リライト イグニスメモリア Riraito IgunisuMemoria) is a social strategy-RPG based on the original visual novel Rewrite. It will be released on Android and iOS, and will include over 50 scenarios. It will end the services on December 31, 2017.

The theme song is titled Ignis Memory.

Gameplay Edit

Rerolling without redownloading: Using a file explorer, go to /data/media/0/Android/data/ and delete/rename the two save folders (but not the EXTEND folder.)

Setting up a team: By pressing the second button on the bottom row of the screen and pressing the top button, you can find the party customization options (example image here.) You can have up to 3 Rewrite characters in each team, and up to 3 cards attached to each character. Characters can only equip cards that feature said character, with universal cards like the Gil+Pani ones being the exception. These cards will be used as abilities in battle. At the top of the screen are options to name your team and set that team as the main one. On the left, the 1/4 button can be clicked to toggle through card descriptions. 1/4 being names, 2/4 being stat boosts, 3/4 being flavor text, and 4/4 a description of the ability.

What to do with dupe card materials? Upgrading Cards: By pressing the second button on the bottom row of the screen and pressing the 3rd button (two cards) you can get a look at your card collection. Clicking a card will allow you to view art, view descriptions, and most importantly, upgrade the card. The second tab is where you’ll go to upgrade them, but it’ll cost you.

Combat Numbers: During battle you can select from a series of 7 numbers, the maximum number of selections depend on what action you are doing. A standard attack costs 2 numbers. You can see the cost of cards on the top left of their respective boxes. For example, a card with “4” will cost 4 numbers. A card with “2×3” will require 3 pairs of numbers (eg. 1,1,2,2,3,3.) Try to use numbers you don’t need.

Hurting for charge/stamina? It will charge up to full every 24 hours, and doesn’t regenerate passively like most stamina systems.

Setting up your profile: The fifth button along the bottom of the screen will take you to the settings menu. Press the third button to open the profile menu. Here you can change your name, your description, your birth date (M/D) and see how many routes you have completed.

Adding Friends: The fifth button along the bottom of the screen will take you to the settings menu. Press the second button to open the follow menu. Here you can follow someone by typing in their ID, and they can follow you back using the red button to the left (it’ll turn blue.) You can also see their clubroom with the middle button and check their profile with the right button.

Linking your account to an email address: The fifth button along the bottom of the screen will take you to the settings menu. Press the second button from the bottom to open a menu with Twitter and Line stuff. Press the button just above “FAQ” to find an Email+Password input.

Heart Choices: During routes, you will be shown dialogue options to choose. Picking the correct choice will give you hearts with the heroine of that route upon completing the mission. If you mess up, you can ReExp, but you’re better off getting it right first time around.


Story Edit

Kotarou Story Playlist:

Kotori Heart Choices:

2, 1, 1 (MAX)

えつと…ジュ工ルだつけ +20

恋なんじゃないか? +30

愛する小鳥のためだからな! +50

Story Playlist:

Chihaya Heart Choices:

1, 1, 2 (MAX)

心配なんだって +20

なんでだろうな? +30

もちろんだ +50

Story Playlist:

Akane Heart Choices:

1, 1, 2, 2 (MAX)

かわいいっす +10

ありのままで +20

紅茶でいいですか? +30

行ってきます +40

Story Playlist:

Shizuru Heart Choices:

2, 2, 2 (MAX)

おまえのために +20

楽しみにしててくれ +30

…静流のためです +50

Story Playlist:

Lucia Heart Choices:

2, 2, 2 (MAX)

み、見てない… +20

そこまでしなくていい +30

是非! +50

Story Playlist:

Kagari Heart Choices:

1, 1, 1 (MAX)

じゃあ、言葉教えてやろうか +20

こんにちは +30

上達してきたじゃないか +50

Story Playlist:

Sakuya Heart Choices:

1, 1, 2 (MAX)

弱点を教えてくれ +20

執事の仕事だ +30

超ウケル! +50

Story Playlist:

Nishikujou Heart Choices:

2, 2, 2 (MAX)

ぜひお願いします +20

そうですね +30

な、泣かないでくださいよ +50

Story Playlist:

Inoue Heart Choices:

2, 2, 2 (MAX)

別にいいよ +20

井上が心配だから +30

井上に任せるよ +50

Story Playlist:

Shimako Heart Choices:

1, 1, 2 (MAX)

喜んで +20

俺の名前は? +30

逃がす +50

Story Playlist:

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