Shizuka Nakatsu is Shizuru's younger sister.


Shizuka did not receive a sprite in the visual novel, but is shown in the anime to be a child with short blond hair and blue eyes. She was seen wearing a lavender colored top with a navy blue skirt.


She is only heard speaking twice in the entire story, words make it seem that she has a sunny and upbeat personality in contrast to her sister's shy demeanor.


Shizuru's Past: Shizuka was born some time after Shizuru accidently erased her parents memories of herself in order to stop them from fighting. Her appearance is not seen, but her voice is heard when Shizuru and Kotarou visit Shizuru's past home.

Shizuru's Route: She is heard at the end of the route where she calls to her mother and then they both vanish from the the Key's salvation.

Harvest Festa: She and Shizuru know each other and are close sisters.


  • Her name may be a reflection of her parents retaining some of their memory of Shizuru.
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