Shuuichirou Suzaki (洲崎 周一郎 Suzaki Shūichirō) is a supporting character in Rewrite.


Suzaki is never shown in the visual novel, but he appears in the anime as a man in his old age, with piercing eyes and gray hair. He wears a white blazer with a black shirt underneath, paired with a maroon tie.


Suzaki is serious to the point where everything he says sounds threatening, but in actuality his serious nature is the result to harden his resolve against Sakura Kashima. He cared deeply for Sakura when they were younger and it is mentioned by Akane that they were actually lovers. Suzaki is hostile towards Akane, due to her being the next holy woman and is seemingly hostile towards Kotarou, but probably because he sees himself in Kotarou when he became Akane's bodyguard and it makes him reflect on how he was one of Sakura's bodyguards. He can be very ruthless, in the Terra Route he planned to have Akane and Tsukuno assassinated.


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He became Sakura's bodyguard while they were still young and apparently in love, but could not support Sakura's belief that humanity should be wipped out in order to save the planet. He severed all ties with Sakura and Gaia was split into two group: The Board of Directors and The Disciples of the Holy Woman. Leading the Board of Directors, Suzaki took actions to hide the religious side of Gaia in order to keep the people from thinking that they were some kind of cult.

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