Song of Destruction (滅びの歌 Horobi no Uta) is a melody that triggers Salvation in Rewrite.                          


Kagari Singing

Kagari, the story's current Key, singing the Song of Destruction

The Song of Destruction is a vocal melody sung by the Disciples of Gaia and the Key to trigger Salvation. The melody is supposedly hard to hear but can be heard by a select few people. It is described to sounds like an angelic chorus but what it causes is far from anything divine.

The song itself cannot do anything on its own unless it is heard by the Key. When performed by a human choir, it forces the Key to trigger a salvation that will destroy humanity. As a result, the Key morphs into a tree. The Song of Destruction's range is so great that it can be heard across the world.



Kotori Route Edit

Kagari sang the Song of Destruction after Kotori fell asleep. After Kagari, Kotarou, and Kotori escape the hound-familiars at the expense of Kotori's familiar parents, Kagari sings the song for the final time and begins to turn into a tree as a result. However, she is sniped with a bullet by an unseen Shizuru and killed.

Akane Route Edit

Akane assumed the position of Holy Woman, the leader of Gaia, soon after Sakura Kashima died. In Gaia's auditorium, she frequently led rehearsals for the Holy Disciples in singing the Song of Destruction. After informing Kotarou about the history of the Holy Woman, she and the disciples ascended to the top of Gaia's structure, where the Key's body is brought, and sang the song. The Key turned into a tree and began singing along with them, causing natural disasters around the globe. Kotarou appeared later and killed the Key.

Terra Route Edit

The song is sung near the end of the Terra Route, but its effects on the world are lessened due to Kagari resisting it. It stopped being sung when the disciples and Sakura died.


The effects of the Song of Destruction cuasing Salvation.


  • The soundtrack representing the song is based on the melody of the title screen OST, Journey, played in reverse.
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