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Superhumans (超人, choujin), also called ability users (能力者, nouryoku-sha) and hunters (狩猟者, shuryou-sha), are humans who possess extraordinary, often supernatural, abilities that normal humans do not.


Superhumans have been around for thousands of generations, normal humans become superhumans through either strength of will or genetics. The superpowers that superhuman develop are gained by the will to change one's self; wanting to become stronger, faster, or smarter. In relation to genetics some super superhuman's abilities they acquired through an unseen source that took place outside of evolution (As stated by Kotarou); wanting to seek out many other applications in order to better themselves. In the past superhumans were highly revered for their powers and were placed in many of what people believed to be legends and myths; nowadays they keep their existences secret and some work for the secret organization, Guardian.


There are different types of hunters and each time has special attributes in addition to their super powers.


Cutter-types (伐採系, bassai-kei), also called slashing-types, are skilled with the use of bladed weapons. Examples are:

  • Sougen Esaka - wields a sword that can cut through iron
  • Nagai - can sharpen her nails in combat, lost her powers due to loss of self-confidence
  • Marcus Noe - uses a large sword in combat


Hunter-types (狩猟系, shuryou-kei), also called poaching-types, have heightened hunting instincts, which they take advantage of in capturing enemies.

  • Touka Nishikujou - throwing anything into projectile-light that can actively pursue targets
  • Arata Imamiya - Can take any object and throw it with enough force to kill
  • Moriguchi - strengthen and shots any preexisting firearms, has glasses that fire lasers
  • Tsurumi - Uses a chainsaw to produce vicious traps
  • Mikuni - wields a large boomerang
  • Luis - wields spears that he can throw with pinpoint accuracy
  • Okogi Reinin (presumed) - has experience in espionage
  • Oonishi (presumed) - has "eyes" that can see the Key


Polluter-type (汚染系, osen-kei), also called tainting-types, have the ability to improve their bodies, making them able see better, hear better, and survive in hazardous environments.

  • Kotarou Tennouji - manipulation of blood, rewrite and use of Aurora
  • Shizuru Nakatsu - has a body that produces various drugs
  • Lucia Konohana - has a body that can adapt to a dying Earth and acquired powers to produce poison and vibrations; she wields a katana to match her powers
  • Gen - confirmed to be Polluter-type, uses axes in combat
  • Sekime - uses heat-producing substances as a form of energy


  • Superpowers are developed by people who have a strong desire to change themselves.
  • Superhumans consume more calories that regular humans.
  • Some people can lose their superpowers if they lose the desire to continue life.
  • It is possible to have both superpower and summoning ability at the same time.