Tomoko is a minor character in Rewrite. She is a shikigami who manifested in Kotarou Tennouji's dream one night in the common route.

Appearance Edit

Her appearance in the visual novel is unknown, however, in the anime, she is shown to take an appearance of a young girl with short blonde hair with long sidelocks and a fringe that parts at the right of her face. Her hair is adorned with a big red bow at the left side of her head. She has indigo eyes and relatively thick eyebrows.

Her outfit consists of a light-colored kimono, a nagajuban collar in pink and white stripes, and a dark green hakama with one belt in red.

As a shikigami, she is simply shown to be a white human-shaped piece of paper.


Tomoko is a shikigami created by the previous members of the Occult Research Society, though she is also a type of familiar. Being a shikigami she is made of paper that is cut out into the form of a person, requires little energy to use, and is able to protect people from spirit/familiars.


Tomoko full

Common Route: Tomoko is given to Kotarou by Akane along with several other shikigami in order to protect him from the supernatural phenomenons that have been plaguing him. She speaks to Kotarou in his dreams and tells him about a powerful enemy that is threatening him; she agrees to protect him from the enemy but in exchange, he has to marry her when the situation is dealt with.

An extra content unlocked after finishing the visual novel showed Tomoko confronting Kagari in Kotarou's room. She levitates into the air, but is eaten by Kagari in the process. In an effort to escape, Tomoko makes herself salty causing Kagari to spit her out.

The anime showed her to have flied into Kagari's mouth instead.


  • Dream Communication: When she was first given to Kotarou, Tomoko spoke to Kotarou in his dreams; though her face was never shown.
  • Levitation: Tomoko can make herself float in the air,
  • Turning Salty: It is not known why but Tomoko can change the flavor of the paper that she's made of, but just as it says in the game; insects can excrete poison that helps them avoid predators. Its possible that she might be made from a tree on which an insect did that.


  • Shikigami automatically protect whomever is closest to them.
  • Tomoko refers to Kotarou as her amant (French for Lover).
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