Transcription is a mysterious ability in Rewrite.


Transcription is an ability only used by the female character in Rewrite who is currently in the position of the Holy Woman. Akane stated that it is making an incomplete contract with a living person that has either physical or mental defects, therefore the defected parts of that person become familiarized. The person with familiarized parts appear as if they've been healed and begin to become emotionally attatched to the current holy woman.

When the current Holy Woman dies, the power of transcription somehow finds its way to another girl with mental defects and grant her the powers and memories of the previous Holy Woman. Since the power has been handed down many times it began to carry a sort of madness with it, which is why the current Holy Woman (Sakura Kashima) wants to end all 'Life' on the planet.



  • Transcription causes one girl to have the same template for her 'soul' as all of the previous girls, in short all of the Holy Woman (With the exception of Akane and Shimako) are just copies of the original girls.
  • Sakura hates everything having to do with 'Life' because she believes that her life is a copy of her predecessors so the sends familiars to the 'Moon' in the Moon Route to kill the Moon Kagari to erase life in all parallel worlds.
  • The ability became partially damaged after Sakura died which is why neither Akane or Shimako feel the need to destroy the world as Sakura did.
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