You have the abilities to think and create new things! There are still possibilities! There isn't any energy to re-evolve, but...your wisdom should be enough to let you use what power remains to create good memories! And yet you ...throw your lives is this any different from t&ro#!n%*$#&#@%)^@!!!

–Kagari's words while lashing out at Kotarou


Kagari in 'Vortex Mode'

Vortex is a destructive ability used by Kagari when she becomes exceedingly angry.


Terra Route: After learning that Kotarou exposed their secret operation to Sakura Kashima in order to protect Akane and Tsukuno, Kagari becomes upset at Kotarou's willingness to risk the safety of the planet in order to protect two individuals that he barely knows. He scolds him for his actions and starts to cry, her anger causes her powers to go haywire and create a vortex of wind and plants and begins to destroy everything around her. Kotarou is forced to kiss her in order to stop her rampage.



  • The vortex is made of forestation and wind.
  • Kagari's knowledge appears to increase when using it, during her tantrum she spoke in an alien language.


  • When using this ability, she is basically throwing a tantrum.
  • The vortex is possibly the strongest ability in Rewrite.
  • The Moon Kagari may can also use this ability since she and the Earth Kagari have the same powers.