Wolf pack

Some of the members of the Wolf Pack, as seen in the anime.

The Wolf Pack is a group of lawless individuals led by Yoshino.


According to one of its members, the slums of Kazamatsuri used to have been filled with violent gangs who committed crimes like stealing and attacking people in the streets. This was until Yoshino suddenly appeared and drove all of the gangs away. The people of the slums took him as their leader and established the Wolf Pack in order to keep peace in the city.


Common Route Edit

In each of the routes, Yoshino has all the members of the Wolf Pack to investigate strange occurences, e.g. murders, occuring in the city, but they are unable to deal with them specifically due to the supernatural nature of these occurences.

Moon Route Edit

All the members of the Wolf Pack are summoned to the moon by Kotarou along with their leader and the Occult Research Society in order to protect the Moon Kagari from an army of familiars sent by Sakura Kashima. They act as the first line of defense and are wiped out by the unparalleled number if familiars.

Known MembersEdit

  • Haruhiko Yoshino (Wolf King): The leader of the gang.
  • Winter Fang: A member that appears in the Common Route, Kotori's Route, and Akane's Route.
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